Hollybrook Street, Govanhill

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Client: Private Owners and Govan HA
Location: Govanhill, Glasgow
Energy Efficiency Measures: External Wall Insulation, Re-Roofing, Fascias & Sofits, Loft Insulation, Partial Window & Door Replacement, Bolier Upgrades
Property Types:

All of the flats are of non-traditional block work masonry construction. The properties also have parapet stone wall heads which were causing long term maintenance issues and a health and safety hazard, these are removed.

The external wall insulation system is Wetherby EPS system in compliance with ECO technical guidance achieving finished U- value of 0.27 W/m2K.

Summary of project

Everwarm is working in partnership with Glasgow City Council, Govanhill Housing Association and Scottish Power to install EWI on 18 tenement blocks of hard to treat properties in the Govanhill area of Glasgow.

The project is an ECO eligible project and Everwarm has been able to provide such an attractive package of measures that every householder in 18 blocks of flats has opted into the project along with the local housing association.

The project includes external wall insulation; re-roofing; new fascias and soffits; loft insulation; partial widow and door replacement; and boiler upgrades from "G" to "A" rated as required.

Funding Mechanism

Everwarm co-ordinated the funding model that included 4 main funding streams, each of which is explained below:

  • UHIS - The initial catalyst for the project was the contract that Everwarm won to deliver UHIS in Glasgow - around 20% of the funding package.
  • ECO - Everwarm, as an approved framework contractor with ScottishPower, secured the necessary ECO funding for the project.
  • PSHG - Some of the works qualified for Private Sector Housing Grant.
  • Owners / Landlords - owner occupiers and private landlords contributed.

Tenure Mix

This project consisted of 108 properties over 18 tenement blocks, all but 2 blocks had mixed tenure issues and as a result had been missed from the previous investment programmes as they were not economically viable without both the owners and the association sharing the cost. Until this scheme that had not been achievable:

  • Total Properties - 108 - 100%
  • Privately owned - 55 - 52%
  • Govanhill Housing - 53 - 48%

Govanhill Housing Association
The Association chaired and hosted several community briefings where Everwarm outlined the proposal , the Council advised on the availability of the PSHG and the two factors outlined their support for the project.

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