Yoker Housing Association: Hydrid SWI Project

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Client: Yoker Housing Association
Location: Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
Energy Efficiency Measures: External Wall Insulation installed to the rear of the sandstone tenements and Internal Wall Insulation installed to the front of the blocks (Hybrid Insulation System utilised)
Property Types:

Generally sandstone tenements are in high demand however despite this the properties generally perform poorly in terms of energy efficiency. Due to their solid wall construction and period features both internally and externally they are particularly hard to treat.

Summary of project

Yoker Housing Association are an active community focused registered social landlord based in the Yoker area of Glasgows West End. They have over 600 properties generally within mixed tenure pre 1919 sandstone tenements. They also factor for the owners within their developments. Having invested heavily in their properties to upgrade heating systems, windows along with on-going internal improvements the next challenge lay in increasing the insulation standards in the properties.

Yoker Housing Association financialcommitment to the project was supported through Everwarms existing ECO frameworks along with HEEPS:ABS support from Glasgow City Council for the owners in the block. The project reached site as ECO was under consultation and as a result the programme was accelerated to ensure the project benefited from the maximum amount of funding. Throughout the process quality and attention to tenants needs was maintained. Through close communication between Everwarm, Yoker Housing Association and all residents the project was completed on time with high level feed back from tenants upon completion

Funding Mechanism

Everwarm co-ordinated the funding model that included 3 main funding streams, each of which is explained below:

  • ECO – Everwarm, as an approved framework contractor with ScottishPower, secured the necessary ECO funding for the project.
  • HEEPS:ABS - This was secured via an application on behalf of owners to Glasgow City Council. The HEEPS:ABS is available to reduce the customer contribution to zero on all measures.
  • Yoker HA – contributions provided by Yoker Housing Association


Tenure Mix

Property tenure breakdown below:

  • Yoker HA - 91 tenants = 79%
  • Private Owners - 15 = 13%
  • Commercial Premises - 9 = 8%


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